Vol 18, No 53 (2019)

JSRI Volume 18 Issue 53 Summer 2019

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Distinctions among Christians and Conservatives: Differential Associations among Ideological Values and Religious Orientations PDF
Cassie M. Whitt, Jonathan S. Gore 3-23
Kafka’s Before the Law as a Cross-Road of Literature, Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and Theology PDF
Erkan Zengin 24-36
Neo-conservative Islam and Transition of Secular Education in Turkey PDF
Ismail Guven 37-59
The Role of Spirituality in Therapeutic Practices PDF
Mihaela Frunza, Sandu Frunza, Nicolae Ovidiu Grad 60-74
Religiosity and Career Options of Youth from the Romanian-Hungarian Cross-Border Region PDF
Adrian Hatos, Florica Stefanescu 75-91
Transhumanism as a New Techno-Religion and Personal Development: In the Framework of a Future Technological Spirituality PDF
Aura-Elena Schussler 92-106
The Jewish Faith and Personal Development among XXIst Century Religious Scholars PDF
Uri Zur 107-122
A culture of secularity? The phenomenon of non-religion in 21st century Portuguese society and politics PDF
Jorge Botelho Moniz 123-140
Ecodomy as Education in Tertiary Institutions. Teaching Theology and Religion in a Globalized World: Western Perspectives PDF
Corneliu C. Simut 141-155
Self-Identity Through the Prism of Other in Merold Westphal's Existential Philosophy of Religion PDF
Serhii Shevchenko 156-170


Philosophical counselling and personal development in the contemporary world PDF
Iuliu-Marius Morariu 171-175

ISSN: 1583-0039