Vol 15, No 44 (2016)

JSRI vol. 15, issue 44, Summer 2016

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

From Eden to Utopia. A Morphology of the Utopian Genre PDF
Corin Braga 3-32
Misrepresentation of Muslims and Islamophobic public discourses in recent Romanian media narratives PDF
Doru Pop 33-51
Ideology, Memory and Religion in Post-Communist East Central Europe: A Comparative Study Focused on Post-Holocaust PDF
Michael Shafir 52-110
The Religious Community and the Communist Regime in the Case of Montenegro, 1945-1955 PDF
Adnan Prekic 111-136
Modernization and Propaganda: Periodicals, Ecclesiastical Circulars and the Romanian Society in Transylvania during the Modern Period PDF
Ioan Bolovan 137-152
Uncovering the Relationship between Materialism, Status Consumption and Impulsive Buying: Newfound Status of Islamists in Turkey PDF
Volkan Yeniaras 153-177
Kendo: Between "religion" and "nationalism" PDF
Jonathan Tuckett 178-204
Coping Behavior of Orthodox Religious Students in Russia PDF
Oleg Pavenkov, Ilya Shmelev, Mariia Rubtcova 205-224

ISSN: 1583-0039