Vol 5, No 13 (2006)

JSRI Volume 5 Issue 13 Spring 2006

Topics in Ethics and Ideologies

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Ethics and its challenges PDF
Johannes Michael Schnarrer 4-13
Ethical business institutions. How are they possible? PDF
Imre Ungvari Zrinyi 14-22
Prolegomena to Digital Communication Ethics PDF
Robert Arnautu 23-31
Social Projectionism: A Vision For New Ethics In Social Welfare PDF
Stefan Cojocaru 32-38
Sin And The Experience Of Finiteness PDF
Veress Karoly 39-46
Dangers Of Morality And The Rationality Of The Desire For Perpetual Peace PDF
Erdogan Yyldyrym 47-58
A Clash Or Dialogue Of Civilizations? A Medieval Or Modern Mentality PDF
Leonard Swidler 59-67
The New Christian Right and the Death of Secularism as Neutrality in the United States PDF
Robert Daniel Rubin 68-77
Efecte de limit? ale ideologiei/ Limitation Effects of Ideology PDF
Stefan Afloroaei 78-89
Does a system of ideologies really exist ? A comparative approach to five ideological ideal-types PDF
Dan Andrei Ilas 90-105
The Subsidized Muse or the Market-oriented Muse? Supporting Artistic Creation in Romania between State Intervention and Art Market. PDF
Dan Eugen Ratiu 106-127
Jewish Philosophy and the Metaphor of Returning to Jerusalem PDF
Sandu Frunza 128-138

SCIRI Conferences

Mark Tansey - Derrida Queries de Man. Application to Derrida s Questioning of Hermeneutics PDF
Adrian Costache 139-146


The Religious American PDF
Mihaela Paraschivescu 147-151
Ciphers and Existence. Karl Jaspers between West and East PDF
Istvan V. Kiraly 152-160;


Andrei Plesu, Comedii la portile Orientului (Farces at the Orient s Gates) PDF
Marius Jucan 161-162
Adrian Neculau (ed.) Viata cotidiana in communism (Everyday Life in Communism) PDF
Marius Jucan 163-164
Daniel Barbu, Politica pentru barbari (Politics for Barbarians) PDF
Marius Jucan 165-166
Jean-Francois Mattei, Barbaria interioara. Eseu despre imundul modern (On Inner Barbarity. An Essay on the Modern Vile) PDF
Marius Jucan 167-169
Matei Calinescu, Cinci fete ale modernitatii. Modernism, avangarda, decadenta, kitsch, postmodernism. (Five Faces of Modernity. Modernism, Avant-Guard, Decadence, Kitsch, Postmodernism) PDF
Marius Jucan 169-171
Zygmunt Bauman, Comunitatea. Cautarea sigurantei intr-o lume nesigura (The Comunity) PDF
Iulia Grad 171-173
Attila M. Demeter, Republikanizmus, nacionalizmus, nemzeti kisebbsegek (Republicanism, nationalism, national minorities) PDF
Rigan Lorand 173-176
Claudiu Mesaros, Filosofii cerului (The philosophers of the sky above) PDF
Florea Lucaci 176-178
Lucian Boia, The Scientific Mythology of Communism PDF
Codruta Cuceu 179-181
Theodor Damian, Implicatiile spirituale ale teologiei icoanei/ Spiritual Implications of the Iconic Theology PDF
Sebastian Draiman 181-182
Nicu Gavriluta, Miscari religioase orientale. O perspectiva socio-antropologica asupra globalizarii practicilor yoga/ Oriental Religious Movements. A Socio-Anthropological Perspective on Yoga Practices PDF
Cristian Tiple 182-184

ISSN: 1583-0039