Bioethics and Religion: Some Implications for Reproductive Medicine

Clara Mironiuc, Nicolae Ovidiu Grad, Horatiu Silaghi, Alina Cristina Silaghi, Ion Aurel Mironiuc


This paper addresses the topic of bioethics in reproductive medicine from the perspective of the religious implications for the field. The assumption underlying the approach is that religion remains a factor that influences the field of bioethics even in a secularized postmodern society. The first part of the paper analyses the main bioethical issues which mark obstetrics and gynecology, uttering that the four basic principles of bioethics (beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy and justice) are available both in obstetrics and gynecology and must be applied in association with the practitioner's virtues. The second part of the paper focuses on the main directions that guide the debate on the presence of religion in the field of bioethics, with a special interest in their relevance for reproductive medicine. Despite the difficulties implied by the task of advocating for the place of religion at the secular table of deliberation in medical ethics, the relevance of religion for bioethics cannot be ignored.


religion, bioethics, secularization, reproductive medicine, conflict of interests, ethical dilemmas

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