Historical Eschatology, Political Utopia and European Modernity

Mihai Murariu


The powerful impact which Christianity has had on the distinct culture of the Occident can hardly be overstated. Indeed, its tremendous influence in virtually every single aspect of the European existence is ultimately recognisable in many secular quarters. In order to understand the link between the project of modernity and European Christendom and its state in the present, it is necessary to trace the development of several key features. Thus, the paper consists of two major parts dealing with: 1) the Joachimist tertius status 2) aspects of the Lowith-Blumenberg debate and 3) depicting the connections (at times, the concordance) between eschatology, utopianism and totalism, and their role in the triumph, decline and transformation of European Christianity.


eschatology, political utopianism, totalism, secularism, modernity

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