We the People and God. Religion and the Political Discourse in the United States of America

Mihaela Paraschivescu


The religiosity of the first settlers shaped the American spirit, the essence of national traits, shared values and ideals that define the American nation. Influential in public discourse in the colonial times and beyond, religious expression has its place in contemporary American political discourse. This article is concerned not so much with the intermingling of religion and politics in theUnited States of Americaas with the religiousness that has permeated political speech. For illustration, we look for religiousness in U. S. presidential inaugural addresses and other speeches to the nation. Inspiring and a good start in our enterprise are Mircea Eliade s reflections on myth and on religiousness, which is sometimes unconscious and camouflaged without ceasing to be a constant value of humankind, or in his frequent expression, a human universal.


religiousness, political discourse, Puritanism, U.S. Presidents, American dream, myth, Mircea Eliade

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