An Analytical Perspective on the Creatio ex nihilo Concept

Florea Lucaci


The theoretical background of the analysis of the creatio ex nihilo syntagm is constituted by the requirements of the semantics of possible worlds. Here the philosophical and logical research is implicitly valued in the modal reconstruction of the ontological argument. In the relations between concept, language, and object, several changes which are controlled by universally valid methods are possible. These are the following: 1. The antinomy given as a mystery of the world s origin is reduced to a non-contradictory logical structure, to a concept. 2. It can be proved that to this concept - creatio ex nihilo - several things correspond. The idea of a possible world grants subject-object unity to nihil, as an absolute determination and ontological correlation of creatio, as a possible determination of the existence. 3. A system that grants possibility to the idea of creation has its basis in the dialectic game between ontological identity and difference.


the Creatio ex nihilo Concept, universally valid methods, ontological identity, difference

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