Analytical perspectives on religious fundamentalism

Jakobus Martinus Vorster


The first decade of the twenty-first century will amongst other things be remembered for the renewed interest in religious fundamentalism. In the past fundamentalism was related to a certain strand in the Christian Protestant tradition in the USA, but nowadays the term is used for a resurging complex ideol- ogy world-wide. Religious fundamentalism, and even religions themselves, indeed became a focal point of attention. Furthermore, the question arises of how to deal with this phenomenon in a Liberal Democracy, especially in the execution of religious rights. This study investigates contemporary religious fundamentalism and endeavours to identify its features and the reasons for its growing power and destructive influence in a human rights environment.


Fundamentalism, Liberal Democracy, Islamic fundamentalism, Christian fundamentalism, Pschycology of fundamentalsim, Evangelical(s), Scripturalism, Biblicism, Islamophobia, Westophobia

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