Considerations on Some Historical and Contemporary Issues in Lucian Blaga's Metaphysics

Ionut Isac


The Romanian thinker Lucian Blaga, poet, playwright, and philosopher, created works in all of these fields that were penetrated and united by the same brilliant spirit, reflecting an admirable desire of reaching a philosophical consciousness. Firstly, this article deals with the so-called historical issues of this metaphysics. During his formative years he set about to create a philosophical system that aimed at dealing with the problems of transcendence. Blaga s criticism of some of the most famous and influential philosophical positions, such as critical philosophy, positivism, and phenomenology is explored. Secondly, this article attempts to continue the debate on the actual interpretations of Blaga s metaphysics, especially his insight into contemporary issues such as inter-religious dialogue and American Pragmatism. Blaga s philosophical works have scarcely been discovered by readers out side Romania and it is the purpose of this paper to show Blaga s relevancy to broader philosophical arguments.


Romanian philosophy; Lucian Blaga; Lebensphilosophie; metaphysics; critical philosophy; positivism; phenomenology; philosophical consciousness; American Pragmatism

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