Eliade and his generation - metaphysical fervour and tragic destiny

Laura Pavel


In the study, the author brings under scrutiny some of the main theses that Eliade advances, in the Romania of the years 30, as the recognized spiritual leader and main theorist of his generation. The argument focusses upon the intriguing emotional and ideological climate of his generation, more precisely upon their specific and ostentatious search for authenticity, spirituality, and metaphysical foundation. The essential point to be argued throughout the study is the tragic sense of the generation s evolution, a tragic that is relevant, on one hand, on an individual level, and, on second hand, on transindividual level, within the larger historical and ideological context.


generation, generationists, The Spiritual Itinerary, experientialism, authenticity, metaphysical inquiry, the tragic (both on individual and on collective level)

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