Dimensiunea feminine a miscarii ecumenice/ The Feminine Dimension of the Ecumenism

Alina Isac, Mihai Albu


This introductory paper analyzes the Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant sects, which form the core of the Ecumenical movement. The development of the feminine problem in the ecumenical movement took shape in 1948, at the first Conference of the E.C.C., when Sarah Chakko presented a report on the place and role of women in church. Among the most important women’s achievements we must mention: The International Day of Prayer, the creation of the Department on Cooperation of Men and Women in Church and Society (1954), and The Ecumenical Decade for Churches in Solidarity with Women (1988-1998). Beyond the dogmatic and theological differences between the three sects and between the places that they assign to women, women’s contribution to the development of the Ecumenic Movement is increasing.


ecumenical movement, femininity, Christian Orthodox Church, Catholic Church, Protestant Church, achievements

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