Fundamentul sincretic al Atalantei Fugare/ The Syncretic Basis of Atlanta Fugiens

Cristian Ciceu


This paper aims at emphasizing several elements that give shape to the syncretism of the alchemic work Atalanta Fugiens, which represents one of the classic texts of alchemy and continues the hermetic and theosophical trends of the Renaissance. Atalanta Fugiens is of current interest because of its flavor of multimedia essay avant la lettre, as it gathers a series of emblems, epigrams, and alchemic comments on the mythological Greek-Roman corpus in an attempt to order in an emblem- atic book the entire knowledge of humanity, to reformulate in alchemic terms the totality of the spiritual experience of humanity. The book may be compared both with a palimpsest and with a blending of elements of different natures (visual and auditory). However, what is most important is that the book exits the “Gutenberg galaxy” and enters territories that only today – thanks to computers and the Internet – are we able to explore.


alchemy, syncretism, Renaissance

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