The Effect of Sacred Sites in Kazakhstan on Society. Their Place in the Conservation of National Identity

Ali Rafet Ozkan, Feride Bolatkyzy Kamalova, Nagima Zhaulybaikyzy Baitenova, Zhanna Yrinbasarovna Kantarbaeva


In the article of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, «The course towards future: spiritual renewal», six projects have been presented that lead the social mentality to the modern level. The fourth one is the “geography of the sacred places of Kazakhstan ünc project. The aim of realizing this project is to increase the values of national identity and to prevent the spread of harmful ideologies.Today, scientific researches in Kazakhstan are carried out on archaeological, ethnographic and historical studies related to the sacred places of Kazakhstan. However, the shrines and sacred sites in Kazakhstan have not been systematically classified so far. In other words, the issues related to the concept of national value and holiness have not been studied in detail. In addition, the importance of sacred places and places to visit in the preservation of national identity has not been paid attention. In this research, we will present the sacred sites and places of visit of Kazakhstan, and we will focus on the social and psychological effects of these spaces on the preservation of national identity and the preservation of unity and peace.


People's faith, faith tourism, holy place, tomb, Turkish-Islamic Period architectural structures, places to visit.

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