Aspects Regarding Ethical Counseling in Organizations

Sandu Frunza, Iulia Medveschi, Mihaela Frunza, Nicolae Ovidiu Grad


In this paper, we analyze a particular form of philosophical counseling, namely the organizational ethical counseling. In this respect, we are interested in the ethical development of organizations through axiological, spiritual and/or religious means, that would be consistent with individual action, the organizational one and the right action for satisfying the needs of different publics or clients. Organizational ethical counseling can be integrated into the wider categories of practices concerning business ethics, transforming ethics into an instrument that can contribute to increasing the quality of work, creating harmonious professional relations, consolidating the relations with contractual partners or developing some complex processes of ethical and efficient communication. Having in mind the creation of an ethical climate for organizations, the counselor uses both philosophical practices and reflections, as well as interventions through the means of spiritual exercises. The spiritual intervention can be done in agreement with the organizational values and the values of the individuals who take part in the organizational life. We chose to refer primarily to the counseling of organizations that are also involved in research practices. We have discussed the example of medical organizations and the way in which the principles underpinned by philosophical and spiritual practices can intersect one another into a general framework dominated by medical ethics and bioethics.


organizational ethical counseling, philosophical counseling, spiritual practices, religious values, medical ethics, ethical communication, integrity, philosophical practice

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